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The band in action on The Isle of Wight

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The band played outsde the Methodist church in Shanklin...

...and later gave a concert inside the church...

...along with the ladies chorus.

And here is another oudoor event, in Newport
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On the Isle of Wight (May 2010)
As on several previous occasions the band combined a holiday with band activities. This time the band was in the Isle of Wight where it gave four concerts and led the Sunday worship at The Salvation Army. The first concert was a short session of about half an hour in the main street of Shanklin where it played to shoppers as they passed by. The band was outside the Shanklin Methodist Church where it later gave a concert along with the ladies chorus.

The following day the band conducted the Sunday worship in Newport and was supported by the ladies chorus. In the afternoon there was another outdoor concert in the Newport town centre before giving another indoor concert, this time at the Newport Methodist Church